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Just a quick reminder - I'm mostly blogging these days at marta_bee.

In theory, to my mind fidesquaerens is for religion/philosophy/politics and telperion1 is for more fannish things, but the way I think about fandom these days is more as an illustration of those deep thoughts. Meaning I'm actually not saying much that's purely fannish, though I still love fandom; it's just that when I talk about Tolkien it's quite often mixed in with real-word concerns. If that makes sense.

Plus, inertia being as it is... well, I'm almost always logged into marta_bee so it's just simpler to post there.

All of which is to say: if you're reading this and want to keep up with what I'm saying these days, please do "friend" the marta_bee account. If I actually write anything fannish (either a purely fannish blog post or actual fanfic) I'll also post it here. But 90% of what I say these days will probably go up at marta_bee these days. Don't want to lose track of anyone!


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