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The Hobbit photo still
Over at Tor.n they have a new photo of Bilbo Baggins from the new Hobbit movie:

As with all great fannish movies, it's about time to let the nitpicking begin. I really like Bilbo's outfit, and the dwarf in the background (Bofur, according to TORN's blurb at Facebook) is much less Disneyish than the dwarves we saw in Lord of the Rings. Which is all to the good. They may make me buy Richard Armitage as Thorin yet.

What doesn't work for me is Bilbo's physique. He's entirely too thin for the comfortable, pipe-smoking gentlehobbit who good-morning'd Gandalf. Granted this looks to be set later in the movie (Rivendell?) so perhaps he's just a bit road-wearied. Also the reddish hair color just doesn't work for me, for some reason. I'm not even sure we're told his color in the book! But to my mind Bilbo is the quintessential every-hobbit, and that means brown hair. So I think this may take some getting used to.

May those be the worst criticisms I have! Because if that's the only thing that bothers me about an adaptatiion about my fave book, that will be pretty lucky.

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Huzzah! Have you seen Martin Freeman aka Bilbo in the BBC series Sherlock? He's fantastic as Dr. Watson, and I was really excited when I heard he was going to star in The Hobbit. The hair color here seems a little weird to me, too, but it looks like it might be the lighting.

I saw just yesterday in the video blog part IV that PJ is filming that everything has to have a red tint added to it (skin, costumes, hair) else the 3d cameras wash it out to yellow. So I think that accounts for the hair color.

I do agree he looks a little skinny though.

And honestly, I'm not fond of the dwarves. Look through some of the stills. One of the costumes has an axe head and some sort of animal embedded (apparently) in the dwarf's head. And one of the dwarves appears to not have a beard at all. That doesn't work for me.

But, just as with the LotR, I'm sure there will be things to nitpick, but overall I'll love it. I'm really looking forward to it. One year off now. Hooray!

The hair *is* a little too reddish, I agree. And I see one of the commenters has pointed out a technical reason-- I'll just imagine that the sun is bringing out some reddish highlights in his brown hair.

I think he looks very Tookish here. I see resemblances to both LotR Bilbo and to Pippin and to Merry-- so it's easy to believe in.

PJ's hobbits do tend to be a little less rounded than hobbits ought to be, but my imagination usually adds a few pounds...

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