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meta slash discussion is meta-y
Aliana has a very nice discussion of slash going on at her blog. Do drop by and feel free to weigh in. She's less interested in whether slash is valid or not, and more about how people read it, the issues with integrating a realistic look at non-hetero romance into historical fandoms, and the like.

Those are some big fancy words, and I don't mean to give you the wrong impression. It's mainly some of the "big names" in my corner of fandom (and some who are neither) discussing why they write slash and how it plays out for them. Do check it out. As a way of whetting the appetite, here are some of my own comments, slightly edited to make my point clearer:

My OTP in Tolkien fandom is Boromir/Theodred. I swear up and down it's in canon, even though the two never meet. It just always makes such literary sense to me: Faramir/Eowyn being about rejuvenating things that were long buried in the past; Eomer/Lothiriel about repairing the damage done and moving forward into the future; and Boromir/Theodred being about the loss of being caught in a kind of endless now. I never felt like I was inventing it, though I know other people didn't see it.

And later on down the thread:

On sadness in slash, I get what you mean. I guess for me there is an element of devil-may-care self-sufficiency to slash. As in: you know society will never approve of your love, so you find ways to move beyond the need for that? With no dynastic concerns, there is an element of finitude - the neverending now, as I said. That can be tragic and sad, but also can be liberating in its own way, and in a weird way it infuses the relationship with the meaning and passion I think the gift of death is supposed to do for mortal men (as opposed to the long defeat of the elves). I guess in my own writing of B/T I try to reclaim the relationship from the cultural expectations for it.

But don't comment on that here. Click on over and let the whole class see what you think, about my B/T assertions or the topic of slash generally.

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Thanks for the shout-out, and for your contributions to the slash discussion! Slash discussion=slashscussion??

I went to check out this post, and now I have five hours in which to sleep before it's time to wake up. 8/

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